12 Expensive Things Owned By WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

12. Stretch Limousines

If your a fan of WWE or watched back when it was WWF you will know that Vince McMahon’s main form of travel too and from the arena was by stretch limo and the cars were regularly on TV.

Vince actually owned several of the limousines used on the show and some were also hired, especially when the shows were further afield from their base of operations in Connecticut.

The limousines were always in mint condition and most of the ones featured on the live shows had opulent interiors with LED lighting and the best leather seating and carpets.

One of the most famous scenes in WWF history was when Vince McMahon faked his own death by blowing up one of his Lincoln Town Car limousines.

That car was later left outside the arena for fans to see as they were leaving to give the realistic effect of the story-line.

The average cost of one of these stretch limo’s you ask? Well its around $30,000 dollars.

11. Titan Towers

WWE’s main headquarters, located in Stamford, CT, is the main building where most WWE staff work on a day to day basis on such things as editing wwe.com and making sure the company runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Staff coming and going from the building have access with their own key-cards with however visitors to the building must go in through the front lobby entrance and see a receptionist.

The walls are lined with televisions that are usually playing the weeks wrestling events with other walls decorated with event posters and wrestling memorabilia in glass cases through-out.

On the executive floor sits Vince McMahon’s head office that has a large skull on the wall and the building also contains both an editing suite and graphical design area.

The building contains just 4 floors but there is also a large gym and cafeteria area for staff to relax during meal breaks.

10. 1967 Corvette C-5 convertible

For those fans who remember the attitude era, Vince McMahon’s 1967 Corvette C-5 convertible was made part of a special episode of Raw is War.

Built between the years of 1962–1967 this car featured a V8 engine and would at the time of purchase, have cost around $50,000 dollars.

The episode of raw saw the car filled with Cement by Stone Cold Steve Austin during one of the shows many battles between characters with Vince later looking on in dismay from a wheel chair.

To this day its unknown if this was originally the car Vince owned or whether it was a replacement… let us know in the comments!

9. The Vince McMahon Connecticut Mansion

Located in Stamford Connecticut and nicknamed Conyers Farm ths massive mansion is just 30 minutes down the road from his daughter Stephanie’s home.

Entering the mansion from the front you first experience the large fountain in the front drive with a big garage adjacent to the front yard.

The house has not one but two large gardens along with a large swimming pool and lots of terraced areas to entertain.

The house also has 7 bedrooms, a ridiculous amount of bathrooms, a highly modern kitchen, a gym, and several living areas.

8. 2010 Bentley Continental GT Super Sports

With a base price starting at 201,225 this car is the cream of the crop when it comes to luxurious travel and power behind the wheel ad has been described by Bentley as a Fusion of Extremes.

The car features a twin-turbocharged and inter-cooled W-12 Engine, 6-speed automatic transmission with manumatic shifting and has 4 wheel drive as standard.

The car can go from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, Zero to 100 mph in 8.9 seconds and has a Top speed of 204 mph.

The steering wheel features knurled paddle-shift gear selectors The front seats have their own ventilation system, as well as a state-of-the-art massage system

7. Trump Parc Condo

Being good friends with the President of the United States has its benefits and Mr McMahon’s Duplex Condo in Trump Parc, Stamford CT is the largest in the building.

This gem is thought to have cost Vince and Linda around $4.1 Million Dollars and and it covers around 4000 sq ft of the most expensive living space in the area.

The condo includes three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, along with a private terrace, sauna and private screening room.

The property also has a large luxurious heated pool, full gym, and a rooftop observation deck.

Its understood that Mr Trump used to visit the building on occasion to make sure everything was spic and span, however with his presidential duties its thought he can no longer do this for security reasons.

6. Mercedes SL600

Costing around $130,000 dollars new or if you are looking to get hold of one cheap, $100,000 dollars, the Mercedes SL600.

The car has a bi-turbo 5.5-litre V12 engine, a 0-60mph takes only 4.7 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 155mph.

The car features great traction control and the engine can put out an impressive 500bhp.

The SL has been dubbed one of the finest cars in the world and Vince sure knows how to spend his money on decent motors.

5. Florida Penthouse

Situated far from where business is conducted, Mr McMahon’s Florida holiday home is a two storey penthouse located in Boca Raton.

Bought in 2002 for a low price of around $2 million dollars, this massive home takes up the full 2 floors of the building.

The condo has several executive, bedrooms, bathrooms, a large kitchen and a personal gym area where Vince can work out in preparation for the occasional match.

He even has access to the roof top area where he may be able to chase the odd chicken around during his training!

4. Sexy Bitch Yacht

One thing we learnt recently is that Mr McMahon has access to a 47 foot sports yacht that he has officially named Sexy Bitch.

The yacht is kept at his Florida home and has its own private docking area with several bedrooms, a small bathroom and relaxation activities available on-board.

The yacht was mentioned several times during Linda McMahon’s political career and the name was described by other candidates as not very appropriate.

3. WWE Corporate Jet

One of the perks from owning an international company is the fact you get to fly around in your own corporate jet.

This is exactly what Mr McMahon does when he need to travel long distances in a small amount of time and the plane even has WWE’s company colours and logo emblazoned on the side.

The Global 5000 Business Jet has now replaced the Challenger corporate jet that Vince McMahon has owned since 2001.

The plane is thought to have cost around $27 million dollars with the company forming its own Jet Services company to deal with corporate travel.

The aircraft can carry up to 19 passengers and and has access to a sound-proof cabin and office, featuring wireless internet access, a microwave oven and state-of-the-art coffee maker.

The aircraft has a range of 11,390 km, a top speed: 950 km/h with a maximum certified altitude is 51,000 ft.

WWE recently announced that the aircraft has been made available for a one-off chance for 2 fans to travel to WrestleMania from New York with several Hall of Fame wrestlers in attendance.

2. Iron Mountain WWE Archives

Considered to be one of the largest video storage vaults in the world, the Iron Mountain facility is just 30 minutes drive from WWE’s Titan Towers HQ.

The vaults are located in a once active Limestone mine and also house the master recordings from Sony Music Entertainment and 50,000 tapes of a certain Major League Baseball team from New York.

The location rarely allows public access, however it is known to have a climate controlled room with a special robotic piece of machine that can access a tape library consisting of 48,658 tapes.

The central tape room features a series of floor-to-ceiling shelves that move along a mechanical track and the company can even access ancient relics like AWA film reels and long lost footage from Jim Crockett Promotions.

1. World Wrestling Entertainment

The crowning jewel of Vince’s empire and one of the reasons why he has most of his wealth, World Wrestling Entertainment, is the largest wrestling promotion in the world, holding over 500 events and is available to about 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries.

The company was officially formed as Titan Sports inc in South Massachusetts by Vince McMahon and his wife Linda McMahon with the company was incorporated on February 21, 1980, in the Cape Cod Coliseum offices.

In 2016 the company had revenues in the region of $729.2 million dollars with net income around $33.4 Million Dollars and the company had around 800 employees.

The company went through some of its most popular years during what was dubbed the Attitude Era from 1997–2002.

On May 5, 2002 the company changed its name from WWF to WWE after an unfavourable ruling in its dispute with the World Wildlife Fund regarding the WWF name.

In March 2002, WWE decided to create two separate rosters, with each group of wrestlers appearing on one of their main programs, Raw and SmackDown!

WWE currently has over 140 male and female wrestlers under various forms of contract, and stages over 500 events a year around the world.