25 Expensive Things Owned By The Rich Kids of Rapping

25. New Jersey Mansion – Russell Simmons

Located in Saddle River, New Jersey this massive $10 Million dollar mansion has now been sold, however the original price of $23.8 million dollars was dropped 5 times over 4 years thanks to very little interest even though it once featured on the MTV hit show “Cribs”.

The entrance hall features a double curling staircase and is covered in marble floors, and the home covers a staggering 35,000 square feet, he truly is one of the Rich Kids of rapping.

The lavish eat-in kitchen has many appliances, marble floors and a center island with a built in bread bin and breakfast bar area.

The seperate dining area features a large stone fireplace and is once again fitted with amazing marble floors, something of a thing with this property.

There is a large living room with fireplace and hardwood flooring and the grand formal dining room can seat up to 18 people.

The property has the benefit of having a large indoor pool that is, guess what, surrounded by marble floors, walls and even a marble ceiling.

The home features a massive 50 seater home theatre and the outside of the home is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens.

The home is thought to have finally sold sometime in 2011.

24. Bel-Air Super Mansion – Jay-Z (and Beyonce)

This house is just ridiculous, in fact its possibly not only one of the biggest homes on the list, but also the most expensive, coming in at around $90 Million Dollars.

So what exactly does $94 million dollars get you? Well for starters there is four swimming pools, yes that’s four swimming pools, a large tennis court, spa and gym facilities and all that can be enjoyed with glorious year round sunny weather.

The house has its own butler service with a team of chefs preparing the food for him and his wife Beyonce in the massive kitchen.

This modern mansion has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, why anyone would need 11 bathrooms we will never know, and has a 15-car garage for all his super fast motors.

The house covers 30,000 square feet, features a basketball court and some of the 6 different structures include a movie studio for making their music.

With a combined net worth of around $1.16 Billion Dollars, this house was a drop in the ocean for this super-rich couple.

23. Galactica Star Yacht – Beyonce & Jay-Z

Back with the super star couple of the rapping world, this couple sure know how to spend, and this massive super-yacht says just that with the couple spending a reported $50 Million dollars just to buy it to go on holiday.

The Galactic star is 65 meters in length, can travel at 28 knots in decent weather conditions and requires up to 30% less power thanks to clever hull technology.

She can sleep up to 12 guests on board and includes a full beam master suite, an upper deck VIP cabin and has its own on-board “beach club” with a 10 meter square balcony to watch the dolphins.

There is a helipad, docking area at the back, lounge area with television, jacuzzi and swimming pool, almost 360 degree seating area and even has a dedicated galley for the preparation of food for on-board parties.

Over 4,500 nautical miles can be travelled on a single tank of fuel and this is achieved from the state-of-the-art control room with its touch screen displays and high tech computers

The yacht is rumoured to cost around $900,000 a week to charter, so you should expect to have deep pockets for taking a holiday in the sun.

22. Calabasas Estate – Eazy-E

Known by its nickname, Eazy’s Playhouse, this mansion was the place to go for wild parties and great fun, with the mansion thought to be worth $2.2 Million dollars.

Covering 6,700 square feet, this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home was originally owned by the star before his death on the 26 March 1995.

Easy-E was known as The Godfather of Gangsta rap who performed solo and in the hip hop group N.W.A and his full name was Eric Lynn Wright.

Afterwards it was the subject of a sale at a foreclosure auction when his wife Tomica could no longer keep up with the mortgage payments.

The home had a large driveway and was styled in a Spanish design and surrounded by tall trees and lush gardens.

21. Swanky New York Pad – LL Cool J

Born January 14, 1968, LL Cool J grew up in the New York City borough of Queens and over his 25 year career, released 12 albums.

He purchased this brick Colonial style home in Manhasset, New York for $1,575,000 dollars in June 1999 and it sits on just under 3 acres of land.

The home includes six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three fireplaces and a large swimming pool with the house itself covering 5,552 square feet.

There is also a long gated driveway that gives some significant privacy and the home is surrounded by green gardens and tall trees.

20. 700 Bitcoin – 50 Cent

Remember back when Bitcoin used to be $1, well clever Rapper 50 Cent purchased 700 of them on off-chance that they would become a big thing.

They did become a big thing, with the currency at one point becoming worth around $15,000 each, and today settling back around $9,000 dollars.

This equates to around $6.5 Million dollars, giving this already rich super-star a little bit of a bonus on his investment of $700 dollars.

So, what could he buy with his earnings off the Bitcoin Boom? Well he could easily afford a Bugatti Veyron or perhaps a Lamborghini Aventador?

Leave a comment down below and let us know what you would buy with 50 Cent’s 700 Bitcoin stash!

19. St. Louis Mansion – Nelly

Not just a home, but more of an estate, Nelly’s Nest as it has become known as, covers around 9,000 square feet.

The home comes with a basketball court, swimming pool and Jacuzzi on the outside while being surrounded by a large amount of land.

The large white mansion is located in Eureka, St. Louis and is thought to have cost him around $1.4 Million dollars.

No idea on the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms or pretty much the entire of the inside on this one, comment below and let me know!

18. Plantation Mansion – Fat Joe

Located in Plantation, Florida, its no surprise this massive yellow mansion has been nicknamed the Plantation Mansion and its thought Fat Joe paid around $2 Million dollars for this home to be built.

Its thought he spent $50,000 on a home theatre, with the master suite having multiple dressing area’s.

There is a large relaxation area outside, and as with most homes on this list, the swimming pool plays a big part in the garden.

The mansion has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and was custom built in 2009 after he purchased a plot of land for around $115,000 dollars.

The home is now up for sale (or possibly sold) however the sale price is currently un-disclosed.

17. Tesla Roadster – Will.I.Am

With a starting price tag of around $200,000 dollars you certainly get your money’s worth with the Elon Musk designed Tesla Roadster.

The Space Billionaire put many hours into the design of the car that is powered by a 53 kWh lithium-ion battery and 185 kW electric motor.

The car holds the world distance record of 501 km (311 miles) for an electric vehicle and it has a top speed of more than 200 km/h.

Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in over 30 countries with many of the cars being sold in Europe and Asia.

The car has Directional forged wheels, Power control hardware for hot climates, An optional 7″ touchscreen display with back-up camera and Improved interior sound reduction.

16. California Super Mansion – Tyga

The old saying goes, why rent when you can buy, and after renting homes for around $15,000 a month, super-rich rapper Tyga purchased this amazing home in Calabasas, California for around $6.5 Million dollars.

The home is massive and features all the usual amenities including a movie theater, pool, spa, waterfall, sports court, and gym… ok so not every house on this list has a waterfall but its TYGA so he just can!

The house has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, covers 10,000 square feet, a multi-station security camera system, not that he probably needs it with his celeb neighbors including Travis Barker and Justin Bieber.

The home has a gold-leaf entry dome and a rather large amount of fireplaces and we are pretty sure there is a basement somewhere… but while we could not find any info, there is a large amount of expensive cars parked out front.

15. Modern Mansion – Ludacris

So, what does $4.8 Million dollars get you in the Hollywood Hills? Apparently this massive modern home that has been snapped up by Christopher Brian Bridges AKA Ludacris.

This 6,000 square foot mansion is located in a posh area and has great views of Los Angeles that can be seen from the 5 bedrooms.

The house has 5 bathrooms and an extraordinary wet bar located downstairs which he can use to entertain guests during private parties.

Its understood that he owns another home in the same area with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and this is currently up for sale for around $800,000 dollars.

14. Datway Chain – Quavo

Chains are a big thing when it comes to the Rapping world and no one does it bigger or better than these people when it comes to bling around the neck.

Take celebrity Rapper Quavious Keyate AKA Quavo who owns a $70,000 dollar “Datway” chain which he is often seen wearing.

Made by Elliot Avianne of Avianne & Co Jewelers, this chain features the famed rapper riding a horse with the words “Dat Way” spelled out in cursive underneath it.

This is not the only expensive chain he owns however, with his other two pieces called “Yoda” and “Ratatouille” that are each worth over $100,000 dollars.

Other rappers who own insane neck bling include Lil Uzi Vert’s $220,000 dollar chain and Drake’s “OVO Owl” which has a price tag of $120,000 dollars.

13. Miami Residence – Rick Ross

Another mansion which is now sold, William Leonard Roberts II AKA Rick Ross sold this massive Fort Laurderdale style home for $6 Million Dollars.

The mansion covers 10,086-square feet and was originally listed for $9.25 million in 2014.

The home is three stories high and sits in the seven isles area of the city with it featuring over 150 feet of waterfront access.

The property features eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a great room with 20-foot ceilings and a two-story fireplace.

Other amazing features of Rick’s former home include a heated swimming pool, a gym, sauna, fully loaded bar, gazebo, game room, home theatre and summer kitchen.

12. Blaisdell Ranch – Snoop Dogg

One of the biggest celebrity rappers in the industry, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr AKA Snoop Dog owns this massive gated ranch estate in a cul-de-sac near one of Claremont’s most coveted neighborhoods in the foothills.

This massive 6,500 square foot home, features 8 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and has a grand floating staircase in the lobby.

There is a Gourmet chef’s kitchen with granite counters, dual master suites on each level and there are ultra lavish bath tubs and walk in closets all over the place.

The mansion also has access to a home theater room and recording studio room that are covered in recessed lighting and crown molding.

The gated driveway leads to a 4-car garage and outside you will find a swimming pool, spa, pool-house, lit basketball and tennis courts and panoramic views of the area.

11. Chrysler ME Four-Twelve – Ludacris

You have seen Ludacris’s house, now take a look at the mans car that is none other than the Chrysler ME 4-12

The car features a ‎6.0 L Mercedes-Benz M120 V12 engine, a 7-speed double wet-clutch transmission with paddle shifters and is covered in carbon fiber.

The car has a top speed of 248 mph and its thought that Ludacris is currently one of the only owners in the world…. were not entirely sure here because so few were made.

It has a very sophisticated suspension system, better power to weight ratio than the Bugatti Veyron, McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo, with it able to achieve zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

Designed initially as a concept car, very few of these actually exist, they are so rare in-fact that you would easily have had to pay $750,000 dollars before production was killed off in 2005.

10. Connecticut Crib – 50 Cent

Covering a massive 50,000 square feet we are still trying to work out how celebrity rapper 50 Cent actually forgot he had this home… 50 Cent literally forgot he was still the owner of this house.

This home has been listed on the hit TV show “Million Dollar Listing” and rumours are now abound that he wants to sell it.

Purchased in 2003 the 17-acre property has been approved for helicopter landings and is the only home in the area to feature its own substantial nightclub.

Other features within this home include an indoor pool and basketball court, a recording studio and a fully equipped home gymnasium.

It has been described as being the most expensive home in Farmington, Connecticut and its reported to be on sale (or sold) for $5 Million Dollars.

9. Waterfront Mansion – Lil Wayne

Recently sold for around $10 Million dollars this waterfront home is located in Miami Beach, Florida and is owned by Dwayne Michael Carter Jr AKA Lil Wayne.

The home has some interesting unique features, two of which include its own skate pars and even a shark lagoon.

The home was originally introduced to the market for around $18 million dollars, not a bad price considering the features that include nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

There is an enclosed glass elevator that leads up to the master suite while a three-story wall of windows takes in the water-way views.

Other features of this amazing home include Multiple kitchens, a media room and a professional recording studio.

Outside the property boasts a private dock, swimming pool and 3-car garage and its understood he purchased the property back in 2011 for $11.6 million dollars.

8. Spiker C8 Aileron – Akon

One of the cars we rarely feature on our lists, mainly because not many people actually own one, the Spiker C8 Aileron costs a whopping $354,900 dollars.

The car features a ‎4.2 L Audi V8, 400 hp engine, has a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), and has a 0-100km/h time of 3.7 seconds.

This type of car comes with a 6 speed manual Getrag or a 6 speed ZF automatic transmission, NACA styled air-inlets and technology including both a heads-up display and bluetooth connectivity for phones.

There are twelve different models of these cars, that are produced by Dutch automaker Spyker Cars and include a Spyder version and a specific model designed to run in the 24 hour Le Mans race.

7. Bel Air Abode – Kim and Kanye West

When you can live in Bel-Air you may as well spend your money and that’s exactly what celebrity rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim did, spending $11 Million dollars on this amazing home.

The pair then set about renovating the entire home, adding a gym, movie theater, full hair and beauty salon, and of course, a nursery for their ever-increasing family.

Outside there is a massive garden that features an infinity swimming pool, however that’s about all the information we have on this one as they are very private people!

6. Miami Penthouse – Pharell Williams

Want to see a penthouse that costs nearly $17 Million dollars, then feast your eyes on this one, belonging to celeb rapper Pharrell Lanscilo Williams.

This American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and film producer purchased this 40th floor fishbowl-inspired penthouse for $16.8 million dollars and its located in Miami Florida.

The home features around 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, is nicknamed the Bristol tower penthouse and covers 9,080 square feet.

The triplex home has 360 degree views with floor to ceiling windows, a large master bathroom and bedroom, chefs kitchen and dining room and a private screening room.

There is a billiards room, family room and the home comes with four parking spaces for his use only.

Outside there is another kitchen (yes an outside kitchen) swimming pool and balcony overlooking the bay.

5. Ferrari 458 Italia – Iggy Azalea

When your famous and you live in Los Angeles, you need to show a little bit of style every now and then and this is exactly what Amethyst Amelia Kelly, AKA Iggy Azalea decided to do when she purchased her all white Ferrari 458 Italia.

The car has an official company 0–100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration speed of 2.9–3.0 seconds and a top speed hitting 340 km/h (210 mph).

The 458 is powered by a 4,499 cc 5.4 liter V8 engine and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The car benefits from a dual-clutch 7-speed Getrag gearbox, double wishbone suspension and the F1-Trac traction control system, designed to improve the car’s cornering and longitudinal acceleration by 32%.

Looking to copy Iggy Azalea and get one of these cars for yourself, well you better have deep pockets as the cars cost around $230,000 dollars new.

4. Bombardier Challenger 850 – Jay-Z

The Bombardier Challenger 850 is the go-to aircraft for travelling super quick distances and rapper mega-star Jay-Z uses his for both business and pleasure.

The jet is the largest super-midsize business aircraft offered by Bombardier Aerospace and its price range sits at around $35 Million Dollars.

The jet has a range of 5,206 kilometers, weighs around 15,780 kg and has a top speed of 1,041 km/h with a wingspan of 21 m.

The aircraft is powered by 2 General Electric CF34 engines, can seat up to 19 passengers and 2 crew and has advanced cockpit security features such as an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning

3. Hollywood Hills Home Dr Dre

One of the richest rappers in the world, thanks in part to his hit music line Beats, which he sold to Apple in 2014 for $3 Billion Dollars, Andre Romelle Young AKA Dr Dre likes style when it comes to his home.

He owns this large residence in the Hollywood Hills than he is thought to have paid around $15 million dollars for after selling his $13 Million dollar home just around the corner.

The home features a large swimming pool out the back and is very modern in design with great views of the city, mountains and ocean.

The massive home has 9,696 square feet of living space, and includes a library and media room, a den, wine cellar, 8 bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The home is now sold, with the reported price of around $32 million dollars being paid by private equity firm founder Alex Soltani.

Dr Dre had hoped to transform the home into a $100 million dollar trophy estate, however work plans and other lifestyle opportunities put the plans on hold.

2. Pagani Zonda C12S – Wyclef Jean

Featuring a 555 break horsepower V12 engine that has a top speed of over 200 mph and a 0-60 speed of 3.7 seconds, Wyclef Jean owns one of the nicest supercars in the world.

This car has a price tag of around $500,000 dollars and includes a 7.3 liter engine than can give the Ferrari 430 a run for its money.

The dash is made from an aluminium casting and is linked to the steering column, which can be adjusted both for reach and height.

Its reported that Pagani spent more than 25,000 hours in the conceptual phase of the car and it shows, with its sleek design and great driving quality.

1. Calabasas Mansion & Estate – Will Smith

If you have not watched our expensive things video on Will Smith yet then we suggest you check the link in the description below because its crazy!

This house is mental, covering 25,000 square feet and that’s before the gardens, it has everything you can imagine from a cinema room to a games area.

Will Smith purchased the home in 2003 from the CEO of K-Mart and the house is thought to be worth around $42 -50 million dollars, giving Will Smith the nickname “The King of Calabasas”.

Outside there is a regulation basketball court and tennis court, large swimming pool and the house has its own man-made lake.

The list of rooms is almost endless including a billiards room, meditation room, recording studio filled with state-of-the-art equipment, master bedroom and bathroom, several rooms for the children and the property has a wrought iron staircase in the entrance hall.

Security is thought to be tight with a massive security system in place, high walls and gated driveway with the mansion also boasting its own security center and on-call security guards.