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| June 18, 2018

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Saygin Yalcin Net Worth, Houses, Cars, Private Jet, Family, Friends & Life

  • On June 8, 2017

Saygin Yalcin has a net worth of $4 Billion dollars and this includes  Houses, Cars, Private Jet, Family, Friends, Story and his Lifestyle.

Saygin Yalcin is a German entrepreneur with Turkish descent.

He is best known as the Founder & CEO of, Founder of the first and largest online private shopping club in the Middle East, and Partner at Jabbar Internet Group.

The holding company that emerged through the sale of the world’s largest Arab online community to Yahoo! in September 2009.

He was named Fortune magazine’s 40 under 40 as one of the most influential young people in business.

Saygin has a net worth close to $4 Billion Dollars / £3.1 Billion Pounds.



Saygin Yalcin home in Dubai

Saygin Yalcin home in Dubai


Saygin Yalcin owns a large apartment in the city of Dubai in the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

The apartment has floor to ceiling windows and great views of the city.

The apartments in the building cost upwards of 38,000,000 AED / $1-5 Million Dollars

There is a bedroom, bathroom, fitted kitchen and large living area.

This type F Burj Apartment covers 1,778 square feet and features access to both a community pool and gym.



Saygin Yalcin owns many cars including a Lamborghini Aventador costing $493,000 dollars.

Some of the other cars he owns include; A Rolls Royce Phantom worth $417,000 dollars
2016 Bentley Continental GT worth $140,000 dollars

Mercedes G Wagon worth $170,000 dollars

Ferrari 458 worth $243,000 dollars

2016 Rolls Royce Wraith worth $492,000 dollars

Bugatti Veyron worth $1,000,000 Dollars


Private Jet

Saygin Yalcin owns a Gulfstream Private Jett That costs over $20 million dollars.

He uses the jet to fly between London and Dubai and other places in the world.

He recently visited New York on the same Jet.



Saygin Yalcin has a large friendship circle and some famous faces include Kendall Jenner

He is also even better friends with her mother, extended family and members of the royal family of the UAE.

Hes also friends with YouTube star Mo Vlogs and Dubai’s richest kid Rashid AKA money kicks.
YouTube Channel

Yalcin has a popular YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.

The channel is centered around videos with advice from Yalcin and others about how to turn one’s ideas and dreams into a reality.

The channel produces a show called ‘Startup Hero’ in which selected viewers get a chance to pitch their idea to Yalcin and other investors for funding.


Saygin Yalcin Achievements

He has been given a position as an Advisory Board Member & Academic Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the Canadian University of Dubai

He is recognized as a UBS industry leader due to his considerable fortune and involvement in the community.

He is a respected businessman and his patient strategies have been analysed around the world.

Check out Saygin Yalcin and his net worth in the Video above