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| September 22, 2017

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10 Expensive Things Owned By Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko

  • On May 13, 2017

Andrey Melnichenko owns this amazing Boeing business jet an Oligarch, Businessman and CEO, he’s ranked 89th in the Forbes world billionaire list and is the 9th richest man in Russia with an estimated net worth of around $13.2 Billion Dollars so today Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 Expensive things owned by Russian Billionaire Audrey Melnichenko.


10. Hardwood Estate, Ascot, United Kingdom

Located near ascot racecourse lies a sprawling estate thought to be owned by this Russian billionaire and is thought to be valued at £24 million pounds.

Very little information is currently known about the house, but it is thought to feature sprawling gardens, a boating lake, numerous bedrooms and bathrooms and even a private cinema.

There are also rum ours that the home features an underground bunker although this has never been confirmed.


9. Antibes Villa, France

Another one of Melnichenko’s homes includes this luxury villa called Villa Altair which features several outdoor swimming pools including one with beach like sand, guest accommodation and numerous bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

Not much else is known about the house as pictures of the inside have never surfaced.

The villa is situated in Antibes France and is estimated to be worth 8 Million Pounds.

8. Serbian Coal Energy Company, Russia

Melnichenko currently chairs the board of directors of SUEK, more formally known as the Serbian Coal Energy Company which is one of Russia’s largest Coal Producers.

SUEK provides about 38% of coal in the Russian market and about 25% of Russian coal exports

SUEK employs around 32,000 people and has a total net value of 6.6 Billion Dollars with Melnichenko owning a 92% stake in the company.


7. Motor Yacht A

Designed by Philippe Starck, this super yacht is one of the largest motor yachts in the world and has been compared with stealth ships and navy vessels.

This super Yacht features 24,000 square feet of interior space with the master suite taking up 2,500 of this.

6 guest suites can be transformed into larger rooms with moving walls with stingray hides on the walls and ceilings.

Above deck there is a helipad and large swimming pool to the front of the boat and 2 more swimming pools, one of which features a glass bottom that can be viewed from the disco room below.

Security features include windows fitted with 1.7 inch thick bomb proof glass, over 40 security cameras and motion detectors, fingerprint or keypad entry systems and even rumors of an escape pod in-case of emergencies.

The yacht is currently up for sale or sold.


6. Palm Beach Home

Located in Palm Beach Florida, this amazing home features 8 bedrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, 6 bathrooms and amazing view.

Inside lies a private cinema and luxuriously decorated rooms complete with paintings and marble floors.

The property also features an outside tennis court and is thought to have a value of almost $15 million dollars.


Audrey Melnichenko owns this amazing Boeing business jet

Audrey Melnichenko owns this amazing Boeing business jet

5. Boeing 737 BBJ

Joining Donald Trump on the list of corporate jet owners is Melnichenko with this Boeing 737-7HE that can fly at a speed of 511mph and travel to a range of 4710 nautical miles.

The planes interior is kitted out with the latest luxuries including corner shaped seating for up to 50 passengers, lie back seats, conference facilities and bedrooms.

The estimated cost of the plane once fully customized is though to be over $120 million dollars.


4. New York Penthouse Apartment

Apart from featuring exquisite interiors and a glorious design, this 2 bedroom penthouse apartment, located in Central Park West, New York features 2,800 square foot of living space.

The bedroom features a luxurious bed and floor to ceiling windows that show off the best of the city, leading into the exotic bathrooms that feature glass cabin showers.

With 24 high foot ceilings and a terrace that gives great views of New York City this $12.2 Million Dollar Penthouse is prime living accommodation for the Russian billionaire.


3. Art Collection

Andrey Melnichenko’s art collection is thought to be vast and decorates his many homes and yachts.
One of the most expensive paintings he is rumored to own is that of Claude Monet which sold at

Christie’s in 2008 for $80.5 Million Dollars.
He owns other paintings too, but very little is known about his vast collection.


2. MDM Bank

Andrey Melnichenko owns one of the largest Investment banks in Russia, the MDM Bank or the Moscow Business World Bank which was founded in 1993 and is thought to hold total assets of over $19 billion dollars.

The MDM Bank was founded in December 1993 and holds a General Banking License issued by the Central Bank of Russia.

It was restructured from a privately held bank to a joint-stock bank in 1997.


Andrey Melnichenko owns this amazing sailing yacht

Andrey Melnichenko owns this amazing sailing yacht

1. Sailing Yacht A

Coming in at the top spot on our list is the largest sailing yacht in the world. This insane vessel has 8 floors, is almost 470 feet in length and has masts near 300feet.

Featuring one of the largest ever pieces of curved glass made at 193 square feet it dwarfs other yachts in its class.

It’s expected to feature a digital control system that will be operated with a touch sensitive piece of black glass on the bridge.

The vessel also features a massive underwater observation pod in the keel with 30cm thick glass and is officially one of the largest sailing yachts ever build.

The total cost of the vessel is thought to be upwards of $300 Million dollars, however with research and development and other factors, this could easily be upped to closer to $1 billion dollars.

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