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| May 26, 2018

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10 Expensive Things Previously Owned By Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

  • On April 28, 2017

Colonel Gaddafi was a Libyan revolutionary, political theorist, politician and well known despot.

He was accused of murdering thousands of his own people in the 2011 Libyan civil war.
Some estimates put his wealth before his death at around $200 Billion Dollars.


Colonel Gaddafi owned this london home

Colonel Gaddafi owned this london home

10. London House

Located in Hampstead next to the homes of TV presenters and actors is this massive house that features 8 Bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

The house also features a large cinema room, private indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.

The house has an electrically operated rubbish store, which raises and lowers eight bins into the ground before a steel plate folds over to hide them discreetly.

Its thought Gadaffi paid $10 Million Dollars for the London pad, mainly out of personal funds acquired through Libya’s oil fortunes.

In recent years the country has attempted to re-posses the house due to Gaddafi’s death in 2011.


Gaddafi owned the oil fields of Libya

Gaddafi owned the oil fields of Libya

9. Oil Fields

The place where Gaddafi made his money. The oil fields of Libya were one of the richest and most diverse in the Arab world, ranking at the largest in Africa and produce about 1.6 Million barrels a day.

Its estimated that Gaddafi plundered almost $500 Billion Dollars worth of profits from the countries oil companies, using it to pay soldiers and control the government with an iron fist.

Many of the larger refineries were located to the east of the country including the town of Sirte and the City of Benghazi which was one of the first cities to fall in the civil war.

The country was the 3rd largest importer of oil to Europe behind Norway and Russia.

Colonel Gaddafi had his own private jets

Colonel Gaddafi had his own private jets

8. Afriqiyah One Airbus A340

Colonel Gaddafis Airbus A340 private airliner, nicknamed Afriqiyah One, cost him $150 Million Dollars when he bought is back in 2003.

The aircraft was reported to showcase Muammar’s vulgar tastes, with armchairs bound in silver leather, red and grey carpets on the floor and nightclub-style spotlights all over the ceiling.

The plane features a large bedroom, bathroom, on board Wi-Fi and many other amenities like a bar and DJ system.

The aircraft has been grounded since 2003 after NATO imposed a no-fly-zone over the country.


7. New Jersey Mansion

Located in Englewood, N.J, this sprawling mansion estate was nicknamed thunder rock and features a large mansion surrounded by green gardens and trees.

The house has been the site of many protests over the years and several neighbors have also complained at the previous owner of the property.

Its thought Gaddafi paid $1 Million dollars for the property back in 1982 and it features a swimming pool, tennis court and even a shooting range.

The house was rarely used during the latter years after the UN imposed sanctions on Gaddafi and his entourage.


6. Libyan Rocket (Car)

Gaddafi’s personal car has five seats , has a 230-hp V6 engine and the nose and tail of a rocket that we’re designed by Gaddafi himself.

The Libyan Rocket comes with airbags, an electronic defense system and collapsible bumpers that supposedly help out in a crash.

The car was commissioned in response to the increasing numbers of people killed and injured annually on Libya’s roads.


5. Dassault Falcon

Another private jet that was used by both Gaddafi and mainly other members of his family on trips to Europe, this jet costs around $37 Million Dollars.

This plane has a range of 4,750 nautical miles, cruises at a typical altitude of 51,000ft, seats up to 12 passengers and can reach speeds of 528 Miles per hour.

Its thought Gaddafi customized the plane to his complete specifications including gold and silver trimmings with leather seats and custom made wine glasses.


4. Tripoli Compound

By far the biggest property owned by the former Libyan leader, his Tripoli compound was both above and below ground.

The compound was both a home and a military compound and was the main base for Gaddafi until his death in 2011.

The 6 square kilometer base is located south of Tripoli city center at the northern end of the airport highway.

The compound features a mosque, a football pitch, a swimming pool, communications center and other administrative structures with paved roadways.

Gaddafi lived in a Bedouin-style air conditioned tent on the grounds, which he occasionally pitched in cities he visited and the main house, which was bombed by the US years back remains abandoned.

After Gaddafi’s death many parts of the compound were demolished and plans to turn the whole area into a park are thought to be well under way.


3. Airbus A300

This plane was thought to almost mimic Gaddafi’s Afriqiyah One personal jet and is a twin engine plane that has a traveling range of 4,070 nautical miles.

The plane was kitted out with leather seats, gold taps and fixtures, as well as a private bedroom and bathroom.

On board amenities included a private bar and the whole plane had LED lighting, sound system and on-board Wi-Fi.


2. The Green Book

Colonel Gaddafi’s personal hand book, written by himself and a guide for all Libyan people to follow.

The book was first published in 1975 and it was intended to be read for all people around the world.

The book can still be found on sale on the internet to this day and Libyan children spent two hours a week studying the book as part of their curriculum.

Extracts were broadcast every day on television and radio and its slogans were also found on billboards and painted on buildings in Libya.

During the civil war in 2001, copies of the book we’re seen being burned by Libyan anti-gaddafi rebels in Benghazi.


The area is said to be exclusive to the rich and famous

Gaddafi controlled all aspects of the Libyan State Bank

1. Libyan State Bank

Gaddafi once stated I am Libya and Libya is mine and that phrase could not ring more true when it came to the Libyan State Bank.

The bank currently goes under the name of the Central Bank of Libya and most of the money that came and went from the bank was controlled directly by Gaddafi and his family.

During the uprising in Libya its thought Gaddafi plundered $30 Billion from the bank to pay mercenaries to fight against the rebels and some of the money was thought to have been hidden abroad.

He controlled all of Libya’s gold reserves, a fifth of which were sold days before his death.
Up to $200 million dollars is still thought to be unaccounted for and after his death they remain hidden from the world.

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