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| July 16, 2018

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Introducing Vidello Vlogs - Our New 24 Hour Challenge And Vlogging YouTube Channel

  • On March 14, 2017

Vidello Vlogz and 24 Hour Challenge is your number one source for Vlogs, Challenges, 24 Hour Overnight Challenges, Sneak in videos and much more. We travel to many different places and film our adventures along the way. Subscribe for great content!

If you are looking for one of the best 24 hour challenges on YouTube then look no further than the Vidello network where we plan on bringing you some of the best content around.

Some of the stuff we have planned includes the following:

  • 24 Hour Challenge & Sneaking Into a Castle
  • 24 Hour Challenge & Sneaking into an abandoned Abbey
  • 24 Hour Challenge & Sneaking into a Museum Park With Security
  • 24 Hour Challenges In Magaluf, Spain.
  • Do Your Dare Challenges
  • 24 Hour Challenge & Sneaking Into a Hotel
  • 24 Hour Vlogging Challenge In Paisley, Scotland
  • 24 Hours at a University Party
  • 24 Hours at a strangers house

The challenges will feature all real footage with Google time checks and other crazy encounters with strange stuff including security, police and other things.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more info and the latest videos coming soon.


24 hour challenges mainly feature YouTube stars sneaking into buildings where they should not be then filming around when the places are closed.

The main challenge is to avoid any security or on-site staff who may discover you during the challenge.

These challenges can take place in a number of places including McDonald’s restaurants, hotels, parks, abandoned buildings, malls, haunted houses and other creepy places with security or a security presence.

Several other YouTube channels have already gained world-wide recognition for content relating to these kinds of videos and these include JayStation, Meet The Vloggers, AldosWorldTV, MoreJStu, Kazzy Official, Carnage and many more.

Several have relieved warnings off the police, been banned from entering stores and 1 or 2 have even wound up in jail overnight.

Make sure you follow our content as we plan to break the boundaries on new challenges and find interesting places to explore.


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