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| June 18, 2018

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10 Expensive Things Owned By Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen

  • On March 8, 2017

Paul Allen helped create one of the biggest software company’s on the planet, he owns several sports companies and has an estimated net worth of over $18 billion dollars, hes Microsoft Co – Founder Paul Allen and Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 Expensive things he owns.


Paul Allen Owns Mercer Island

Paul Allen Owns Mercer Island

10 – Mercer Island

While Allen does not own the whole island itself, he does own a total of 11 mansions on it and this includes one that houses a full-size basketball court, swimming pool, and fitness center.

Allen’s most recent purchase on Mercer Island was a 3,000-square-foot bungalow that he reportedly paid $5.4 million for.

One of the mansions on the island was bought solely for his mother with others being used simply to block out his neighbors.


Paul Allen owns this amazing home in Beverly Hills

Paul Allen owns this amazing home in Beverly Hills

  1. Beverly Hills Home

Back in 1997, Allen purchased a 13,000 square foot Mediterranean-style home in Beverly hills that features every possible amenity that you can imagine including cinema, 2 swimming pools and open air tennis court.

The house even has a funicular that shuttles guests from the pool deck down to the tennis court on a lower level.

The estimated price tag for this insane house is roughly $15 Million dollars


  1. The Enchanted Hill

After buying this estate that belonged to Hollywood legends Frances Marion and Fred Thomson for $20 Million dollars, he demolished the historic property in 2000, angering many people.

Allen has since terraced the hillside however nothing else has been build on the site.

  1. North California Home

It seems having one California home just wasn’t enough for Allen when in November 2013 he paid a reported $27 million dollars for a 22,000 square foot mansion in Atherton, Silicon Valley.

Its one of the most expensive ZIP codes in the country and the home features everything from a massive swimming pool to cinema room and underground garage.


  1. Thurston Estate

Located in Hawaii, this massive estate was purchased at a cost of $7.5 million for the historic 10-acre property.

In addition to a 12,000-square-foot main house, there’s an employee residence, beach house, boat shed, and a private harbor.


  1. Manhattan Penthouse

Just when you thought the list of houses might have come to an end, nope…  Paul Allen paid $25 million dollars for the penthouse in an apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

He also paid another 13.5 Million for another apartment in the same building on the 11th floor.

Its currently unknown if he has since paid for any more floors of the same building but he might as well buy the whole block if this is the case.


  1. Cote D’ Azur Hilltop Mansion

Completing Allens housing list is this fantastic hilltop property in the Cote D Azurs, where he employs a staff of 12 people and can count on Bono and Andrew Lloyd Webber as his neighbors.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, swimming pool and one of his favorite features, a home cinema all grace this luxurious property.


  1. Seattle Movie Theater

When he heard his favorite Seattle movie theater was going to be demolished, he decided to buy it.

His development company, Vulcan, refurbished the Cinerama with state-of-the-art Dolby sound and projection systems, including the world’s first Christie 6P laser projector.

It reopened in the fall of 2014 to much fanfare.


  1. Tatoosh Yacht

This 303 foot luxury yacht has an on-board cinema, indoor swimming pool and accommodating suites for over 20 guests.

The yacht also has a modern bridge and a helipad, so Allan can have himself or his guests arrive in style.

There’s a basketball court and games room to pass the time for those bored children on board.  And the Tatoosh has a boat docking facility at the rear of the yacht to take passengers onboard.

The estimated value of the Tatoosh is 125 Million Euros.


  1. The Octopus Super Yacht

Crowning our list for Paul Allen is the amazing 414 foot Octopus.

This massive yacht is one of the biggest in the world and its where he holds most of his celebrity packed parties during the Cannes film festival.

This insane yacht features a large helicopter hanger on the main deck that houses 2 helicopters while below there is a large glass bottomed pool and even a submarine that can float into the yacht through a large hatch.

On the bridge deck there is a recording studio while on the same deck you will find an observation lounge, a cinema, a juice bar near a gym, a salon and a medical center.

There is even a dedicated deck for Paul Allen himself that features a large VIP cabin, 4 guest cabins, a children’s cabin and two additional staff/doctors cabins.  It also features a large study, a walk-in closet and an outside bar with whirlpool.

With an astronomical price tag of over $200 million dollars, its easy to see why the life of Paul Allen is far different from your average celebrity.


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