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| June 18, 2018

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10 Expensive Things Owned By Floyd Mayweather Jr & His Net Worth

  • On November 14, 2016

He’s an American professional boxer and current boxing promoter who is widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time and has a net worth of over $500 Million Dollars, hes Floyd Mayweather Jr and that’s why Vidello Productions is taking a look at 10 Expensive things he owns.

Floyd Mayweather G5 Private Jet

Floyd Mayweather G5 Private Jet

10. G5 Private Jet

The Gulfstream G550 is a business jet aircraft produced by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Savannah, Georgia and Floyd has had his custom made to have all the trappings of luxury.

It features custom made seats, on board minibar and flat screen TV’s.

Floyd also recently bought a second private jet, because owning one private jet these days is just not enough.

This custom built 12 seater plane has gold lining throughout, gold sinks and gold cup holders as well as a fully stocked kitchen.

Both planes combined come in at a staggering $74 Million Dollars.



Floyd Mayweather Owns This Amazing mansion In California

Floyd Mayweather Owns This Amazing mansion In California

9. Las Vegas Mansion

This massive 20,000 square foot house is so big it has its own Instagram account.

is filled with over-the-top luxuries like a movie theater with two screens stacked on top of one another, color-coordinated, multi-million-dollar fleets of sports cars and random stacks of cash.

The house features numerous bathrooms and bedrooms along with a private pool and private garage.

There is a walk in wardrobe the size of a small living room, home gym, toilet complete with 32 inch television and rumors of a 12 person shower have also done the rounds on the internet.



8. Las Vegas Penthouse

When Floyd Mayweather isn’t chilling at his Las Vegas mansion, hes living it up at Palms Place high above the Las Vegas strip.

This incredible penthouse features a games room, two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, including a master suite with a sitting area, a fireplace and a large soaking tub.

An infinity-edge spa extends off of a private balcony toward the Vegas skyline and the 3,142-square-foot unit has custom lighting, hardwood flooring and wood wall treatments.

Its thought that Floyd payed roughly $1.81 Million Dollars for the penthouse.



7. Miami Mansion

This 5,200-square-foot home in Miami, features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a floating staircase, formal living and dining rooms, a 600-square-foot pool and a private dock.

There is a kitchen fit for a king with a gated secure driveway and lush gardens to the rear.

The home is also protected by a 360 degree 10 foot privacy fence to keep out his hordes of adoring Instagram fans.

The house features a rooftop relaxation area complete with spa and 40 foot sails, and the property was most recently listed for $8.49 million, property records show, but Mayweather paid $7.7m all in cash.




6. Duffel Bag

Just when you thought how much can a duffel bag be worth?  Try up to $1 Million dollars as that’s the amount Floyd has been known to carry around with him in a secure, bodyguard duffel bag.

Its also claimed Floyd takes one of these bags with him wherever he goes and that on a light evening he may spend $60,00 dollars.




5. Car Collection

Floyd Mayweather has to have one of the biggest and best super car collections of all time, with 3 separate color coded fleets that he parks at his various homes around the US.

The cars include a Lamborghini Aventador, 3 custom made Bugatti Veyron’s, Rolls Royce Drop-head, Ferrari 599, Ferrari 458, Rolls Royce Phantom, Custom named Ferrari 430, and a fleet of other Lamborghini’s and Bentley’s.

The cars on the east coast are colored white on the east cost and black on the west coast.

Some have put the estimated net worth of the entire collection at $75 million dollars.




4. Land Yacht

Your probably wondering what the hell is a Land Yacht?

This custom made luxurious Mercedes party bus is kitted out with all the things this professional boxer needs to relax in style when traveling about.

It features a 55 in. TV with Apple and DirecTV, Surround Sound stereo system, Maybach heated massage chairs, Champagne bar, and cabin lighting system.

Its reported that Floyd dropped $300,000 dollars on the party wagon which seems to be able to accommodate a number of guests along for the ride.




3.Diamond iPod

If you thought owning a custom made iPod was not extravagant enough then why not bling it out with hundreds of diamonds.

This is exactly what Floyd Mayweather did and he has been seen wearing the insane device on more than one occasion.

It even has its own custom made control dial that’s gold and no one has even been able to put a price on it.




2. The Floyd Mayweather Footwear Closet

Floyd Mayweather is well known for only wearing  pair of kicks once and due to that very fact he has built up one of the largest footwear collections in the world.

Some of these shoes are so rare that he owns the only pairs in the world and while the entire collection may be worth an absolute fortune, Floyd gets the better part of the deal by getting most of them for free as a top branded celebrity who the shoe company’s want to to see wearing there brand.

Its thought that he actually wears a new pair of kicks every day of the year.



The impressive watch collection

Number 1 – Watch Collection

Number one sees us delving into the insane watch collection of Floyd Mayweather Jr and this collection is literally insane.

The collection features 8 rolexes and probably one watch from every watch maker on the planet, meaning that he owns more watches than you will probably ever see in your entire life time.

Some are custom made and some are unique one of a kind pieces that he has never even worn, but rest assured this $6.4 Million Dollar collection is the most valuable in the world.

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