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| June 19, 2018

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Top 10 Toilet Paper Fort Fails Including MoreJStu AndTanner Fox

  • On September 10, 2016

Whether its being caught by employees, thrown out by security or having the cops called, Vidello Productions is taking a look at the Top 10 Toilet paper Fort Fails.

And remember folks, links to all the videos are in the description and if you want your fort featured, we have more fort videos coming so post a link below.


10. The MoreJStu Costco Toilet Paper Fort Fail

After visiting a Costco, the MoreJStu team find a fantastic place to build a fort and after some constructive building, an employee spots them and decides to throw them out.

It would appear that a 4pm re-stock of the shelves cost the MoreJStu team this fort building opportunity, luckily they were just asked to leave and not confronted by security.



9. The NateNation Toilet paper Fort Failure

After abandoning the first fort in a Walmart due to construction issues on the isle, the NateNation team head to a second Walmart in attempt to build another fort.

In the end however they cannot find another Walmart to build at and return to the original Walmart they started at.

This proves to be a very bad call because after building there fort to a substantial level a rather raged employee decided to call the police on them.

After what seems like a tense car ride, they escape and no police are seen on the video.



8. The Zay Solis Toilet Paper Fort Fail

In a video which does actually see some great fort construction in Walmart, the Zay Solis team are in the process of building there 2 layer fort when they decide to grab supply’s and head inside.

While in the middle of recording, the team get discovered by a worker who asks then to leave immediatly, once again they manage to avoid security, and the police.


7. The ColtanBrink Toilet Paper Fort Fail

Defiantly one of the more controversial forts on our list, the team from Coltanbrink speed build there fort on camera before slowing down the footage with an employee asking them to leave.

What happens next is quite shocking with the employee dragging one of them out the isle and pushing him as hes walking away which can clearly be seen on the video.

It is yet unclear if the store have been notified of the incident or if any further action was taken against the worker.



6. Coltan German Toilet Paper Fort Fail

The team from the Coltan German channel embark on a massive toilet paper fort in Walmart and the seem to be doing well, however a worker later discoveries the fort and they are forced to abandon it.

This video also has a good amount of vlogging in it.



5. Quin Sweeten Toilet Paper Fort Fail

In another impressive build the team at Quin Sweeten also incorporate speed building into there footage and manage to make quite an impressive fort.

While they are building the interior however, they are caught by a worker who manages to see them.

They then make a quick escape without confronting the worker who was on the other side of the wall.



4. SketchDuo Toilet Paper Castle Fail

The builders over at Sketch Duo decided they were going to attempt a multi level toilet paper castle in Walmart, however the stores employees had other ideas.

After managing to get to the back of the fort, the team were building the upper levels when they were discovered.

After walking round the store they are harassed by several employees who clearly do not see the funny side of there exploits.

They are then escorted out of the store and banned from returning for a whole month.



3. Poudii Toilet Paper Fort Fail

The team from Poudii are back once again building another toilet paper fort any you may have seen one of there forts on our other top 10 videos.

This time they are in Walmart building another fort and this has to feature one of the best shots of an employee completely missing a fort.

As always with these guys they have some rather interesting ways of leaving forts however they dropped there phones and luckily the managers that picked them up were toilet paper fort fans.



2. Toilet Paper Fort Crazy Walmart Manager

This was one of tanner fox’s most requested videos, to make a toilet paper fort with MoreJStu.

After successfully building most of the fort a manager comes and asks them to leave before getting the manager of the store.

She is not impressed with the fort and demands they put the stuff back and leave immediately and insists she is responsible if they wall out of the fort.

Defiantly one of the most stressed out Walmart managers ever!



1. Nemo&LiLGTV 24 Hour Toilet Paper Fort Fail

After an impressive start, the team from Nemo&LiLGTV manage to get a diaper fort built and stay inside it for quite some time.

They then move onto the toilet paper isle however they are soon discovered and made aware that the police are being called to which point they leave the store.

These guys have been linked to the Poudii channel and there is a lot of loud music in this video, so turn down your speakers.

Thanks for reading our article on the Top 10 Toilet Paper Fort Fails, please leave a comment down below to let us know what you think about the forts in the video, leave a like on the video to support the series and subscribe for more top 10 videos coming soon.


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