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| May 26, 2018

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10 Best Toilet Paper Fort On YouTube Including 24hr Forts

  • On September 1, 2016

Toilet Paper Fort constructions are some of the most crazy and insane challenges about with planning, organisation and a little bit of luck required to pull them off. That’s why Vidello productions is taking a look at the 10 best toilet paper forts on YouTube.

Original JStu Toilet Paper Fort In Walmart

Original JStu Toilet Paper Fort In Walmart

10. Original JStu Toilet Paper Fort In Walmart

Its the video that started it all and this vlog style duo have completely revolutionised YouTube and toilet paper isles worldwide.

This video actually starts off as more of a family Vlog and the toilet paper fort is not until half way through the video.

It was perceived to be a one off prank in a wal-mart store, however it gained over 1.5 million views, and after more videos were made, the MoreJStu channel hit 1 Million subscribers.

MoreJStu regularly live stream from there forts on facebook and always give twitter and instagram updates when they are about to build.



9. Poudii Walmart Toilet Paper Fort

YouTube user Poudii has already managed to reach 1.2 million views with there extreme toilet paper fort in Walmart.

They spent 25 minutes building the fort before being discovered my staff and decided to head to costco, however that too was closed.

With vlog style footage they return to Walmart where they are again kicked out after an employee spotted the camera.

Third time lucky is a charm as they successfully managed to get inside the fort and stay there even with multiple customer attacks on the fort.

This video has possibly one of the best exits from a toilet paper fort ever so make sure you go watch it!



8. Swift Clan 24 Hour Toilet Paper Fort

The folks from swift clan attempt to build a 24 hour toilet paper fort in Walmart which is actually quite brazen considering its next to a completely empty section of shelving.

After making an extremely large amount of noise and making multiple camera shots of staff, they complete there fort only to be discovered while closing the door.

Amazingly they are not kicked out of the store however they never returned to the fort and it is yet to be seen if they will attempt another one.



7. Jack Hoban Dispenser Roll Fort

YouTube user Jack Hoban and his friend embark on a fort building adventure that initially sees them building a garbage products fort, before they abandon there attempt and head over to the Dispenser Roll Isle

After managing to secure a 4 room fort they fill it with mats, cushions and cuddly toys before they are eventually kicked out.

One of the good things about this video is they get a lot of the building process on video before they are discovered.



6. The DylanNerd 24 Hour Costco Fort

In what has to be one of the most nail-biting forts on our list, YouTub’er DylanNerd manages to stay overnight in a locked Costco with workers all around him.

Its very rare that we see a solo fort attempt, especially a 24 hour one however this guy actually does the whole 24 hour challenge alone.

DylanNerd manages to pull this fort attempt off beautifully despite almost being seen by a worker.

He makes his fort in the cereal isle and wedges himself between a palate and a piece of flimsy cardboard.

Not many video updates on this one but it sure is intense.



5. NoBiggieTV Natural Gas Water Heater Fort

NoBiggieTV comes in at number 5 with his friend Stan as they attempt to build a 24 hour toilet paper fort in a Walmart Store

After deciding against a diaper fort and a kitchen towel fort due to lack of merchandise, the guys end up deciding on toilet paper for there fort.

They encounter problems however and get caught multiple times before abandoning the fort.

While looking for food they switch stores and decide to make there fort in the Natural Gas Water Heater Isle.

The large boxes provide great conditions for a fort with not much work required and not only do they manage to decorate the fort, they also manage to get a pizza delivered!



4. The Ultimate British Toilet Paper Fort

Josh Bryce could possibly be one of the first people in the UK to have successfully built a toilet paper fort in ASDA.

Bryce and his group managed to build a full fort even while being discovered by store security and even managed to kit it out with led lighting and torches.

They were eventually asked to leave by security but managed to create one of the best British Toilet Paper Forts on YouTube



3. The Toilet Paper Fort Village

One of the most brazen fort attempts sees Tanner fox and his friend Shonduras, build multiple forts on multiple levels of shelving on both sides of the isle and even a dividing wall across the whole isle which is at least 5 feet tall.

Its unclear how they are able to do this for such a large period of time before the management finally decide to throw them out.

Funny thing is the manager at the time doesn’t even seem that bothered.



2. The MoreJStu 24 Hour Toilet Paper Fort

In a video that actually featured 4 forts in one shop, JStuStudio’s managed to successfully stay overnight in a 24 hour fort challenge inside a Walmart.

The 4 forts built include a Toilet Paper Fort, Diaper Fort, Dog Food Fort and a Bottled Water Fort.

JStu actually spent most of there overnight challenge in the dog food fort as it was dark and possibly the safest place to sleep as not much re-stacking went on.



1. 24 Hour Locked Costco Bear Fort

Sam Pepper has officially become the first person to stay overnight in a fort inside a locked store.
Himself and … managed to secure one of the easiest and least likely places for a fort, behind a bunch of $179 dollar massive cuddly teddy bears.

They began there challenge at 6am and managed to stay hidden behind the bears until 10AM the next morning even though they were vastly un-prepared and needed the toilet several times throughout the night.

They were spotted by several customers who managed to keep there location a secret leading to success of the first locked 24 hour challenge on YouTube

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