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| May 22, 2018

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10 interesting Facts About Black Holes In The Universe

  • On August 17, 2016

They are some of the strangest entity’s in the universe with gravity out of control so were taking a look at 10 interesting facts about Black Holes.


1. Space and Time
Black holes distort space and time with there massive gravitational influences and the closer you get to a black hole, the slower time runs. Once you get to close to a black hole there is no escape, not even at the speed of light.


2. Accretion Disk
Material spinning into a black hole, does so on the Accretion disk which is a disk of gasm stars, dust and planets that fall into the event horizon.



3. Point of No Return
The point of no return around a black hole is the event horizon. This is the point where there is no chance of escape for even the fastest things in the know universe, including light, which can spin round the earth at 9 times a second.



4. Origin
Black holes were first discovered in the 18th centuary where there existance was proposed however one was not spotted with a telescope until 1964 in the constalation cygnus. It was discovered with an xray telescope.



5. Radiation
Black holes dont emit radiation by themselves, the materials in the accretion disk are heated and light passing by becomes super charged and gets turned into radiation, that is then picked up.



6. Our Galaxy
It is a well known fact that at the center of the milky way galaxy is a super massive black hole that is consuming everything that gets to close. Even this black hole far to far away to ever give us any bother tho.



7. M 87
There is a well known black hole in the heart of the M87 galaxy that throws a coloum of gas and dust 5000 lightyears away from the galaxy centre. It is also a known fact that black holes sometimes spit back stuff they cant or dont want to consume.



8. Centarus A
This galaxy has one of the largest black holes known to humans and at 55 million solar masses its hard to comprehend the actual size of this black hole. Its jet streams span over 1 million light years of space… to give you some perspective, the Kepler planetary system is only 1000 light years away.


Black hole

Black hole

9. Closest Black Hole
The closest black hole to us is of course the one in our own galaxy however another black hole lies only 6,100 light years away and it to is massive. Cygnus X-1 is a stellar-mass black hole and in a binary system that contains a blue super-giant variable star


Black Holes are wanderers and move very fast through the universe

Black Holes are wanderers and move very fast through the universe

10. Wanderers
Black holes are know to wander across vast distances and they have been known to enter random galaxies and consume things at there leisure, lets hope that one of these horrendous things never pays us a visit.

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