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| June 21, 2018

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10 Best Locations To Catch Pokemon In Pokemon Go

  • On July 18, 2016

Running around streets, hunting through forests or taking a more serious approach and venturing off the beaten path? Were taking a look at the 10 best places to catch pokemon on pokemon Go.


10. McDonald’s

Why not stop off for a Big Mac while chasing your pokemon.

McDonald’s has already proved very popular with many pokemon go fans and several have reported catching at least 2 in one place at some restaurants.



9. University’s

Currently studying for your finals but got a bit bored?

We have news for you, there are pokemon in your area and within these vast campuses can be found several rare pokemon, both inside and outside, keep your eyes peeled!



8. Rivers

While we do not condone venturing to close to large bodies of deep water, you may well find some very interesting water-based pokemon near rivers.

The Pokemon Go app will never lead you directly into a river and you should easily be able to catch your pokemon on the banks.



7. Lakes

As with rivers you can catch many pokemon on the shores of lakes and reservoirs and some of the bigger lakes may yield rarer pokemon, especially if it is a remote location.

As always make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times as deep water can be dangerous!



6. Parks

Another great location for many different variety’s of pokemon, you are most likely to catch these pokemon while out for a casual walk.

Some of them maybe hiding behind trees or in streams that run through the park. They may also be hiding under bridges.



5. Graveyards

We’re not entirely sure if there are any un-dead pokemon but its always worth a shot.

This may sound creepy but its defiantly worth checking these places out at night for rare pokemon finds and if you dont fancy going at night remember that some pokemon only appear in the evening, so try then.



4. Supermarkets and Shopping Malls

As crazy as this may sound, many large businesses have been included in the pokemon go app and you are likely to find pokemon inside them, supermarkets and shopping malls can be vast and could easily hide many different types of pokemon for you to discover.



3. The Beach

Another fantastic place that has proven very popular in catching pokemon. You have both the water and the sand, and a bit of heat will also bring out some interesting creatures.



2. Your Own Home

Its a great place to start and you will defiantly find many pokemon in and close to your own home.

Make sure you venture into your garden during both day and night to seek out the many pokemon that await you.

Its a good idea to check these locations 2 or 3 times a day at different times to give you a better chance of finding all the creatures.



1. Cities & Built Up Areas

During both day and night, your best chance of catching pokemon is defiantly in the larger cities or towns and especially in high end public places where lots of people may be.

Try town centres or large neighbourhoods where you see lots of people.

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